Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.

This page is dedicated to things I’ve recently found interesting or helpful in my own efforts to increase in wisdom and make the best use of time.


I’ve already said something about the Bible Project, but thought I’d highlight this little series on spiritual beings they produced I’ve found quite helpful.

Current Events:

I signed on to Audible.com to get access to some more contemporary books, at least while my three month trial at a special rate lasts. So these aren’t free, but may be worth checking out.

The Coddling of the American Mind is written by secular social psychologists Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff, so it’s a bad place to look for good theology, but it’s a good book with helpful insights into the rise of safe spaces, trigger warning, and peanut allergies. The authors work on “three great untruths,” namely, what doesn’t kill you makes you weaker, always trust your feelings, and the world is made up of good people and bad people. I’d recommend it.

Life After Google, by George Gilder, is an intriguing look at digital data collection, storage, and use, economic currency, and the challenges of security and privacy. Admittedly lots of the technical stuff was above my head so I’ll have to listen to parts of it again, but it’s a fascinating and occasionally troubling look at what the future might look like as technology progresses.

Speaking of the future, here’s a fascinating little talk by Google’s chief prognosticator Ray Kurzweil about what he likes to call “singularity.”


Audible also produced a pretty fun version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic Treasure Island, which I’m enjoying.

Archive, such as it is:

James White on Apologetics (1-4), Islam (5-7), Mormonism (8-9), Jehovah’s Witness (10)
The Bondage of the Will by Martin Luther
Daily Dose of Greek
Carl Trueman’s Reformation History
Ligonier 2019 National Conference
Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones on Preaching and Preachers
Al Mohler sermon “Exegete or Exorcist”
Master’s Seminary channel; lots of great stuff here
Shepherd’s Conference 2019
Den Dulk Lectures, feat. Dr. Carl Trueman
Spurgeon on Election

Current Events:
G3 Pre-Conference on Social Justice.
Dr. Jordan Peterson on the Marxist lie of White Privilege
Dr. Jordan Peterson’s GQ Interview
Basic Economics,
by Thomas Sowell (or at least the first nine hours)

Pilgrim’s Progress
David Copperfield
Oliver Twist
The Innocents Abroad
Abridged Bunyan Holy War, appx 1hr. Good for kids too.
The Count of Monte Cristo

Puritan Literature:
Timothy Rogers, “Trouble of Mind and the Disease of Melancholy.”
Thomas Watson’s Art of Divine Contentment

Nathaniel Hawthorne Stories:
The Birthmark
Mrs. Bullfrog
The Celestial Railroad

Oversimplified; really cool big-picture view of some of history’s major events.
Fascinating interview between Dr. James White and the notorious KJV-only Steven Anderson

Kids, or the kid in you:

The House That Bacon Built

Midnight Bread

The Billy Goats Grinn

The Unforgiving Servant

You Know All About Me, Lord