Common Slaves

Common Men; Uncommon Master



Ask these prophets whether they have felt those spiritual torments, those creations of God, that death and hell which a company a real regeneration… And if they speak to you only of agreeable things, of tranquil impressions, of devotion and piety, as they say, do not believe them although they should pretend to of been transported to the third heaven.

– Martin Luther, 1521 concerning some who claimed to be prophets receiving direct revelation from God. As quoted by D’Aubigne

A Word from the Wild Boar

The more they multiply their menaces the more they increase my joy… They have already torn my honour and my reputation to shreds. The only thing left me is my poor body, and let them take it; they will only shorten my life some few hours. My soul they cannot take from me. He who would publish the word of Christ in the world must expect death every hour; for our bridegroom is a bridegroom of blood.

-Martin Luther, prior to the examination of Cardinal Cajetan in Augsburg, 1518, quoted in History of the Reformation by D’Aubigne

He who undertakes any thing without a divine call, seeks his own glory

-Martin Luther, quoted in History of the Reformation by D’Aubigne

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