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Truly, if religion languish in the closet, it will quickly die in the family.

-John Flavel Works VI p128 

Flavel on the Death of a Believer

As temporal death is a penal evil, and part of the curse, so God inflicts it not upon believers; but they must die for other ends, namely, to be made perfectly happy in a more full and immediate enjoyment of God, than they can have in the body: and so, death is theirs by way of privilege.

John Flavel, Fountain of Life

ed. note: this particular quote is a favorite of mine for use in the funeral of a believer. It is also especially meaningful to me, as it was my use of this quotation which caught the ear of Pastor Eric Anderson, and opened our first conversation and subsequent friendship together, which has been of great value to me. -jr

What a heart have I! Did the blood of Christ run out so freely and abundantly for me? and cannot I shed one tear for my own sins, that pierced him? O let me never be friends with my own heart, till it love Christ better, and hate sin more.

-John Flavel, Sacramental Meditations

The Master Who Rewards

Oh brethren! who would not study and pray, spend and be spent, in the service of such a bountiful Master! Is it not worth all our labour and sufferings, to come with all those souls we instrumentally begat to Christ: Continue reading “The Master Who Rewards”

Flavel on Pastoral Labors

It is not so much the expence of our labours, as the loss of them, that kills us. It is not with us, as it is with other labourers: Continue reading “Flavel on Pastoral Labors”

Flavel, as fitting for the 21st Century as the 17th

…there is cause enough, for all that are wise in heart, to fear and tremble, under the consideration of that national guilt which is treasured up, and will certainly produce distress and trouble. O Christians! look out for days of visitation; prepare for a storm, and provide you an ark, an hiding-place in Christ, and the promises, as ever you expect rest, and peace in your own spirits, when the earth shall be full of tumults, uproars, and desolations.

from Preparations for Sufferings, Works vol VI, p.18

A Word from Flavel

O fair sun, and fair moon, and fair stars, and fair flowers, and fair roses, and fair lilies, and fair creatures! but O ten thousand, thousand times fairer Lord Jesus! Alas, I wronged him in making the comparison this way. O black sun and moon; but O fair Lord Jesus! O black flowers, and black lilies and roses; but O fair fair, ever fair Lord Jesus! O all fair things, black, deformed, and without beauty, when ye are set beside the fairest Lord Jesus! O black heaven, but O fair Christ!

unnamed source quoted by Flavel in The Fountain of Life

A Word from Flavel

If you be one whose heart is eagerly set upon this vain world, I beseech you take heed, lest it interpose itself between Christ and your soul, and so cut you off from him forever. O beware, lest the dust of the earth, getting into your eyes, so blind you, that you never see the beauty or necessity of Christ… Some general aims, and faint wishes after Christ you may have; but alas! the world has centered your heart, entangled your affections, and will daily find new diversions for them from the great business of life; so that, if the Lord break not this snare, you will never be able to deliver your soul.

from The Fountain of Life

A Word from Flavel

Gracious souls… are careful to prevent the breaking loose of their corruptions in time of temptation… the work in religion which is the most difficult, constant, and important work.

From Keeping the Heart

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