Below are the sessions from a wonderful day spent with Dr. Peter Jones, Dr. Ardel Caneday, and Mr. Joshua Gielow as we considered various challenges coming at Christians from pagan culture and even from a broader Christian culture. We post the audio here with the speakers’ permission and encourage you to enjoy it and share it, but not sell it or edit it.

The “Followup Session” was delivered Sunday morning at Lifespring Church.

Session 1: Only Two Religions: An Issue of Worship, Dr. Peter Jones

Session 2: The God of Sex, Dr. Peter Jones

Session 3: Effeminacy and Androgeny: Revoice and the Normalization of ConfusionMr. Joshua Gielow

Session 4: Repentance Banished: The Psychotherapeutic Hijacking of the Christian Doctrine of ForgivenessDr. Ardel Caneday

Session 5: Holy Bodies, Transformed Minds, Dr. Peter Jones

Session 6: Q&A, Dr. Peter Jones, Dr. Ardel Caneday, Mr. Joshua Gielow

Followup Session: 1 Timothy 4:1-7, Dr. Peter Jones