Christian, do you wonder what God’s purpose is for this Life, in between his Resurrection and His final Restoration?

In many ways, the Ezra Institute is the premier Reformed think tank in its commitment to understanding and teaching all of life, every aspect and vocation, from the lens of Scripture.

I am excited to help announce one of the first of these 4-day events to take place in the US. Please consider traveling to Crosby/Deerwood, Minnesota this May. Come, fellowship, and learn from some of these Christian thinkers on the Christian view of life and the cosmos.

Information for this event is at the web address on the flier.

Additionally, we will host a one-day Free Conference with Dr. Joe Boot and Andrew Sandlin prior to the event on Saturday, May 20 at Lifespring Church. Please make plans to join us (and bring young people). the sign-ups will be coming soon.


Lifespring Church