We want to thank all who participated in the Fall Conference centered on the Doctrines of Grace. Our speakers were delightful, powerful, and effective; our audience was more or less well-behaved; and our hosts at Lifespring Church were, as always, exuding grace and panache. The food was great, the singing loud, and the preaching wonderful. We thank the Lord for these gatherings which minister vigor and strength to our entire being, as might be expected when the people of God gather to speak of and ponder their life-giving, glorious Savior.

I’ve posted the audio for all the sessions, and you can find it listed with all our previous conferences under the Conference Media tab, or more directly by clicking here. The videos should be available shortly. With these celebrity guys it’s an endless hassle trying to get them to release the rights to their sermon videos. I grow weary of hearing the phrase “my cold dead fingers.”


PS: The last two sentences were quite tongue-in-cheek. Just wanted to clarify.