On Wednesday, July 20, at 8:00AM, the Common Slaves will have their bi-monthly gathering at the Bloom Thyme coffee shop/ incredibly feminine knick knack store in Milaca, MN. Please join us if you are able for a cup of coffee, an incredibly good muffin, (all at your own personal expense!) and an always encouraging and stimulating conversation with fellow pastors and elders of a reformed persuasion. If you’re a regular attender, you know the value of these times of refreshment, and if you’ve not been able to make it, let me encourage you to do so, for it will certainly be of benefit to your soul.

If you’re coming from the north, you may want to contact Pastor Eric Anderson from Crosby and catch a ride with him, or if from the east, contact me if you’d like to catch a ride.

And as always, remember this is done, in part, in obedience to Richard Baxter:

“My last request is, that all the faithful ministers of Christ would, without any more delay, unite and associate for the maintaining of unity and concord in his churches. And that they would not neglect their brotherly meetings to those ends, nor yet spend them unprofitably, but improve them to their edification, and the effectual carrying on of the work.” – Richard Baxter, in the Dedication to The Reformed Pastor