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July 2016

Ask these prophets whether they have felt those spiritual torments, those creations of God, that death and hell which a company a real regeneration… And if they speak to you only of agreeable things, of tranquil impressions, of devotion and piety, as they say, do not believe them although they should pretend to of been transported to the third heaven.

– Martin Luther, 1521 concerning some who claimed to be prophets receiving direct revelation from God. As quoted by D’Aubigne

The man of God is not he who seeks to form his age according to his own peculiar ideas, but he who, distinctly perceiving God’s truth, such as it is found in his Word, and as it is hidden in his Church, brings it to his contemporaries with courage and decision.


Thanks to Lifespring Church in Crosby for hosting our latest bi-monthly Combined Service. Thanks to the brothers and (no doubt mostly) sisters of Providence Church in Crosslake for providing an extravagant spread of really good food. These times together are increasingly rich in worship and fellowship.

The audio of the sermon by Pastor Joe Reed can be found here. The first 30 seconds are silent, so hang in there.

Take special note: If the Lord wills, we will live and Pastor Randy Reed from Calvary Baptist Church in Negaunee, Michigan will be speaking at our August Combined Service in Quamba at 4:30PM.

A “Striking Lesson”

If the Reformation, having attained a certain point, became untrue to its nature, begin to parley and temporize with the world, and ceased thus to follow up the spiritual principle that it had so loudly proclaimed, it was faithless to God and to itself. Henceforward its decline was at hand. It is impossible for a society to prosper if it be unfaithful to the principles it lays down. Having abandoned what constituted its life, it can find naught but death…

One portion of the Reform was to seek the alliance of the world, and in this alliance find a destruction full of desolation.

Another portion, looking up to God, was haughtily to reject the arm of the flesh, and by this very act of faith secure a noble victory.

If three centuries have gone astray, it is because they were unable to comprehend so holy and solemn a lesson.

D’Aubigne, History of the Reformation, Book XIV

Flavel on the Death of a Believer

As temporal death is a penal evil, and part of the curse, so God inflicts it not upon believers; but they must die for other ends, namely, to be made perfectly happy in a more full and immediate enjoyment of God, than they can have in the body: and so, death is theirs by way of privilege.

John Flavel, Fountain of Life

ed. note: this particular quote is a favorite of mine for use in the funeral of a believer. It is also especially meaningful to me, as it was my use of this quotation which caught the ear of Pastor Eric Anderson, and opened our first conversation and subsequent friendship together, which has been of great value to me. -jr

Slaves at Rest

On Wednesday, July 20, at 8:00AM, the Common Slaves will have their bi-monthly gathering at the Bloom Thyme coffee shop/ incredibly feminine knick knack store in Milaca, MN. Please join us if you are able for a cup of coffee, an incredibly good muffin, (all at your own personal expense!) and an always encouraging and stimulating conversation with fellow pastors and elders of a reformed persuasion. If you’re a regular attender, you know the value of these times of refreshment, and if you’ve not been able to make it, let me encourage you to do so, for it will certainly be of benefit to your soul.

If you’re coming from the north, you may want to contact Pastor Eric Anderson from Crosby and catch a ride with him, or if from the east, contact me if you’d like to catch a ride.

And as always, remember this is done, in part, in obedience to Richard Baxter:

“My last request is, that all the faithful ministers of Christ would, without any more delay, unite and associate for the maintaining of unity and concord in his churches. And that they would not neglect their brotherly meetings to those ends, nor yet spend them unprofitably, but improve them to their edification, and the effectual carrying on of the work.” – Richard Baxter, in the Dedication to The Reformed Pastor

What a heart have I! Did the blood of Christ run out so freely and abundantly for me? and cannot I shed one tear for my own sins, that pierced him? O let me never be friends with my own heart, till it love Christ better, and hate sin more.

-John Flavel, Sacramental Meditations

Choosing Better, pt6

It is Better to Pursue Quality. Or Quantity.

For a day in your courts is better
        than a thousand elsewhere.
    I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God
        than dwell in the tents of wickedness. Ps 84:10 ESV

Quality. Quantity. Which is better? Continue reading “Choosing Better, pt6”

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