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May 2016

Flavel on Pastoral Labors

It is not so much the expence of our labours, as the loss of them, that kills us. It is not with us, as it is with other labourers: Continue reading “Flavel on Pastoral Labors”

Slaves at Rest

Time: Wednesday, May 18, in Milaca, MN, at the Bloom Thyme coffee shop, 8:00AM.

Event: Invited are any and all who wish to join for a cup of the drippings of the roasted bean and a time of fellowship around the glories of Christ and the ministry to His Bride. Meet with other pastor/elders to encourage each other, to strengthen the bonds of our cooperation in the carrying out of the Great Commission, and among other things, obey Richard Baxter…

“My last request is, that all the faithful ministers of Christ would, without any more delay, unite and associate for the maintaining of unity and concord in his churches. And that they would not neglect their brotherly meetings to those ends, nor yet spend them unprofitably, but improve them to their edification, and the effectual carrying on of the work.” – Richard Baxter, in the Dedication to The Reformed Pastor

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