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February 2016

A Word from Flavel

If you be one whose heart is eagerly set upon this vain world, I beseech you take heed, lest it interpose itself between Christ and your soul, and so cut you off from him forever. O beware, lest the dust of the earth, getting into your eyes, so blind you, that you never see the beauty or necessity of Christ… Some general aims, and faint wishes after Christ you may have; but alas! the world has centered your heart, entangled your affections, and will daily find new diversions for them from the great business of life; so that, if the Lord break not this snare, you will never be able to deliver your soul.

from The Fountain of Life

Medicine from the Sweet Dr. Sibbes

A sharp reproof sometimes is a precious pearl and a sweet balm. The wounds of secure sinners will not be healed with sweet words.

-from The Bruised Reed

John Angell James on Sin

Did you ever consider that it was only one sin that brought death, and all our woes, into the world? Do you not tremble, then, at the thought that this evil is in you? Some will attempt to persuade that sin is a trifle; that God does not take much account of it; that you need not give yourself much concern about it. But what says God Himself, in His word, in His providence, in the torments of the damned, in the crucifixion of His Son? You have not only sin enough in yourself to deserve the bottomless pit, and to sink you to it, unless it be pardoned; but sin enough, if it could be divided and distributed to others, to doom multitudes to perdition! Who but God, and what but His infinite mind, can conceive of its evil nature?

From The Anxious Inquirer After Salvation
contributed by Randy Reed

A Word from Flavel

Gracious souls… are careful to prevent the breaking loose of their corruptions in time of temptation… the work in religion which is the most difficult, constant, and important work.

From Keeping the Heart

A Word from the Wild Boar

The more they multiply their menaces the more they increase my joy… They have already torn my honour and my reputation to shreds. The only thing left me is my poor body, and let them take it; they will only shorten my life some few hours. My soul they cannot take from me. He who would publish the word of Christ in the world must expect death every hour; for our bridegroom is a bridegroom of blood.

-Martin Luther, prior to the examination of Cardinal Cajetan in Augsburg, 1518, quoted in History of the Reformation by D’Aubigne

A Word from Flavel

If you be a self deceiving soul, that easily take up your satisfaction about your interest in Christ, look to it, as you value your soul, reader, that a fond and groundless conceit of your interest in Christ do not effectually and finally obstruct a true and saving interest in him.

from The Fountain of Life

Medicine from the Sweet Dr. Sibbes

Christ refuses none for weakness of parts, that none should be discouraged, but accepts none for greatness, that none should be lifted up with that which is of so little reckoning with God. It is no great matter how dull the scholar will be when Christ takes upon him to be the teacher, who, as he prescribes what to understand, so he gives understanding itself, even to the simplest.

from The Bruised Reed

A Word from Bishop Ryle

If we desire to do good, let us never be ashamed of walking in the steps of our Lord Jesus Christ. Work hard if you will, and have the opportunity, for the souls of others. Press them to consider their ways. Compel them with holy violence to come in, to lay down their arms and to yield themselves to God. Offer them salvation, ready, free, full, immediate salvation. Press Christ and all his benefits on their acceptance. But in all your work tell the truth, and the whole truth. Be ashamed to use the vulgar arts of a recruiting sarjeant. Do not speak only of the uniform, the pay and the glory; speak also of the enemies, the battle, the armour, the watching, the marching, and the drill. Do not present only one side of Christianity. Do not keep back the cross of self-denial that must be carried, when you speak of the cross on which Christ died for our redemption. Explain fully what Christianity entails. Entreat men to repent and come to Christ; but bid them at the same time to count the cost.

from Holiness

A Word from Watson

A contented spirit is like a watch: though you carry it up and down with you yet the spring of it is not shaken, nor the wheels out of order, but the watch keeps its perfect motion; so it was with St. Paul, though God carried him into various conditions, yet he was not lift up with the one, nor cast down with the other; the spring of his heart was not broken, the wheels of his affections were not disordered, but kept their constant motion towards heaven, still content.

from The Art of Divine Contentment

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