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January 2016

Medicine from the Sweet Dr. Sibbes

If we have this for a sure foundation truth, that there is more mercy in Christ than sin in us, there can be no danger in thorough dealing. It is better to go bruised to heaven than sound to hell. Therefore let us not take off ourselves too soon, nor pull off the plaster before the cure can be wrought, but keep ourselves under this work till sin be the sourest, and Christ be the sweetest, of all things.

-from The Bruised Reed

A Word From the Keepers of the Ancient Boundaries

John Owen, Communion With God, ch.3

The love of God is like himself – equal, constant, not capable of augmentation or diminution; our love is like ourselves – unequal, increasing, waning, growing, declining. His, like the sun, always the same in its light, though a cloud may sometimes interpose; ours, as the moon, has its enlargements and straitenings.
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A Charge from Baxter

This is not a burden for the shoulders of a child. What skill doth every part of our work require! – and of how much moment is every part! To preach a sermon, I think, is not the hardest part; and yet what skill is necessary to make the truth plain; to convince the hearers, to let irresistible light in to their consciences, and to keep it there, and drive all home; to screw the truth into their minds, and work Christ into their affections; to meet every objection, and clearly to resolve it; to drive sinners to a stand, and make them see that there is no hope, but that they must unavoidably either be converted or condemned – and to do all this, as regards language and manner, as beseems our work, and yet as is most suitable to the capacities of our hearers.

Tip One Back with Tim

(No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments.) 1 Tim 5:23, ESV

First things first: This article isn’t an argument for or against Christians drinking alcohol. In part, it’s making a case that the morality of Christians drinking alcohol isn’t what the text is about in the first place.

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A Word From Watson

Sinner, you have done enough to damn your soul already – but there is yet a white flag of mercy held forth. You may yet make your peace with God. And there is no way to appease God – but by the death of your sins. Oh – then, make haste. Bring to God the head of your beloved sin on a platter! There is no pacification of God – but by mortification.

from The Mischief of Sin

A Word from Watson

If mercy is not a magnet to draw us nearer to God – it will be a millstone to sink us deeper into hell. Nothing so cold as lead – yet nothing more scalding when it is melted. Nothing is so sweet as God’s mercy – yet nothing is so dreadful, when it is abused! Sinners never escape when mercy draws up their indictment.

from The Mischief of Sin

Many thanks to Lifespring Church and Pastor Eric Anderson for hosting the Common Slaves combined evening service this last Sunday. Special thanks to Pastor Ivan Fiske for bringing the Word with great passion and power, that was a sermon not easily ignored or forgotten! Thanks to all who came from near and far and participated and filled that old stone building with hearty praises unto Christ! Thanks also to the folks from Providence in Crosslake for feeding us afterwards. The gathering of the saints in such a fashion is an honor to be a part of, and oh, what a foretaste of glory divine!

Some Thoughts on Declining to Minister

…Jesus was making and baptizing more disciples than John (although Jesus Himself was not baptizing, but His disciples were), John 4:1b-2 

I thank God that I baptized none of you except Crispus and Gaius 1 Cor 1:14 

Ministers ought to be like the Minutemen of the American Revolution. Always ready to go. Live and die for the church. That’s what they do. Preach in season and out of season. Any time, any place, if a man can minister, he should!

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Medicine From the Sweet Doctor Sibbes

Let us justify Christ in all his chastisements, knowing that all his dealing towards us is to cause us to return into our own hearts. His work in bruising tends to our work in bruising ourselves. Let us lament our own perversity, and say: Lord, what a heart have I that needs all this, that none of this could be spared! We must lay siege to the hardness of our own hearts, and aggravate sin all we can.

-from The Bruised Reed

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