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Common Slaves 2022 Fall Conference

We hope this conference can be an encouragement as we sing, eat, fellowship, laugh and pray together, under the banner and presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Friday, October 28, 2022

8:30-4:00 p.m.

Lifespring Church

30 Hallett Ave

Crosby MN

Speaker: Pastor Mark Chanski

Theme: Encouragement: Adrenaline for the Soul

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had –Romans 15:1

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Messages from the 2022 Spring Conference

The Audio (4 messages and a Q&A) from our Spring Conference, “My Place in this world: What are the God-given purposes for the Christian today,” with P. Andrew Sandlin and Ardel Caneday, can be found on our church website, under “sermons”. Taken a Listen. You will be glad you did.

Session 1—God’s Will for Your Life: You Can’t Improve on Creation

Session 2 – Work and Play in Biblical Perspective

Session 3- Extraordinary Christianity or the Ordinary Means of Grace?

Session 4 –“Dare to Be a Daniel” in Prayer

Questions and Answers: A Conversation with Dr. Sandlin, Dr. Caneday and Pastor Bob Dalberg

Spring Conference 2022

We are happy to announce that Drs. P. Andrew Sandlin and Ardel Caneday have agreed to speak at our annual Common Slaves Spring Conference, hosted at Lifespring Church, Crosby Minnesota, on Saturday, April 23. As a fellowship of Reformed (and Reforming churches) and church leaders, we focus this conference upon issues of the Christian view of the world and our purposes in and towards it. This conference is for all of the people of God, with a specific nod towards teens and young adults. Please consider traveling to our lovely area this April for a time of singing, fellowship, and good teaching (and bring others with you). It’s free! Ticket reservations are available on the link provided.

Fall Conference Recordings

We want to thank all who participated in the Fall Conference centered on the Doctrines of Grace. Our speakers were delightful, powerful, and effective; our audience was more or less well-behaved; and our hosts at Lifespring Church were, as always, exuding grace and panache. The food was great, the singing loud, and the preaching wonderful. We thank the Lord for these gatherings which minister vigor and strength to our entire being, as might be expected when the people of God gather to speak of and ponder their life-giving, glorious Savior.

I’ve posted the audio for all the sessions, and you can find it listed with all our previous conferences under the Conference Media tab, or more directly by clicking here. The videos should be available shortly. With these celebrity guys it’s an endless hassle trying to get them to release the rights to their sermon videos. I grow weary of hearing the phrase “my cold dead fingers.”


PS: The last two sentences were quite tongue-in-cheek. Just wanted to clarify.

Thanks to all who came and participated in our evening of Worship this past Sunday afternoon at Quamba Baptist Church. Here is the recording of Dr. Caneday’s sermon on Forgiveness and Repentance, taken from Matthew 18:21-35. Enjoy! Use the player below or download the audio file here

Matthew 18:21-35, Dr. Ardel Caneday

Judge Me!

Search me, O God, and know my heart!
Try me and know my thoughts!
Psalm 139:23, ESV

You’ve heard it said, “Nobody likes to be judged.” But I say to you, “Everyone wants to be judged.” Or at least, if they’re in their right mind they do. How do I figure?

Continue reading “Judge Me!”

Spring 2021 Conference Recordings

We’re pleased to offer the video recordings of our Spring Conference, held on April 17 at Lifespring Church in Crosby on the theme, Christ is King: the world according to its creator. You’ll enjoy Dr. Sandlin’s helpful, insightful, and riveting explanation of Gnosticism and its deep influence both in the world and in the church, and why it’s important to never abandon the biblical account of God’s role as creator and the goodness of his creation.

Many thanks to Dr. Sandlin for making the journey from Eastern California, many thanks to Lifespring Church for its tremendous hospitality, and many thanks to all who attended to make this a memorable day.

Videos can be found under the “Conference Media” tab, or at our YouTube channel here

“A Place for Truth” Zoom Conversation: Tuesday, April 6, 7:30-9:00

You are invited to join us for our next “A Place for Truth” online Conversation with experienced Christian Pastors and Intellectuals on a frontline issue of today.

Tuesday, April 6, 7:30-9:00 CST

“God’s Creational and Redemptive Reality:  Masculinity and Femininity in an age of Passivity, Effeminacy, Feminism and Transgenderism”. Meeting ID: 882 0017 9743

Some thoughts on the introducing of “Social Justice/Cultural Marxist” categories into the church

By Eric Anderson

I can think of a no more self-destructive thing, in a local church (or denomination) today, than introducing and teaching Marxist categories or ethnicity-dividing labels into an assembly though the pulpit or teaching ministry, whether it be “white/black,” “privileged/minority,” victimhood, gender identity, or sexual preference labels.

Consider this: Are sexual sins (affairs) and abuse sinful and terrible? Yes, of course. But these sins, though destructive, should be judged and rooted out as contra to the church’s teaching and behavioral expectations’ (I Cor 6). In clear violation of the Bible’s moral law and church’s covenantal statements, usually these sins are isolated to an individual or family, and fall under “church discipline,” which requires courage and clarity, but will not change the make-up of the church.

However, Marxism (identity politics, social justice, multi-culturalism, sexual identity, gender identity, rich/poor), is wicked, because it creates entirely new standards upon the Bible itself, which color everything, every text of Scripture, every relationship, even the Gospel itself. Moral categories are upended and permanent conflicts introduced which cannot be resolved within a local church. Normal thinking and normal people are seen as “privileged,” or “victim” in this new way of thinking. It makes statutes out of, and permanently rewards the sins of partiality (James 2).

For Marxist thinking is not just downstream application to particular problems, it proports a new foundational, creational way of thinking, by masking Satan’s voice of “Did God really say,” under the siren-sounding guise of Social justice. “Is Christ’s Work really finished in order to be unified,” the demonic voice whispers to those who will now need to repent of their skin color, for which they cannot change and was given to them by the Creator.

In Summary, Marxism is a direct assault upon both the creator and his good creation and I cannot imagine a local church, which has embraced these “cultural Marxism” categories, under the guise of “outreach or justice” returning to any normal without serious, specific and whole-sale repentance from it’s leaders, unto God and then to his people. But repent they must.

If you are a Pastor or are part of a church which has been willfully seduced by the worldliness of Marxism, Repent. Fear and turn to the Living God and Judge, the only author of truth and Lord of Truth, Jesus Christ, who died, once for all, the Righteous for the unrighteous, to bring us to God.

The Glory of the Gospel is both it’s extent and it’s simplicity. Real people, alike in their inherited sin nature, are freed together by the Work of the Cross of Christ to actual unity and reconciliation, living upward, outward, and forward, as men and women, boys and girls, with simple creational-categories’, regardless of human standards, under the Lordship of Christ, towards the new Heavens and new Earth.

Isaiah 66:1-2 But this is the one whom I will look, He would is contrite in heart and trembles before my Word.

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